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Twin Hills Diana

(S Fin Dk Ch Airescot Sapphire Stallion / Twin Hills Alma)


"Dina"born 23/8-05.

Twin Hills Diana was mated with Albicans Organizer

They got 6 lovely puppies 2 males and 4 females.

"Dina" is bred 7-8/3-09 to Ch Khalibadh Snögubbe, we expect puppies in the beginning of may.

She hasn´t been shown much, maybe after her litter she will develop in body to the way

we want and she will be in the rings again.

Her litter

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Her show placements:

Sydskånska Kennel Club. 18/3-07, judge Keleman Attila, Poland, Best Bitch-4.

Dina has been to four puppy dog shows, placed each time with HP "price of honor"